What To Look For In A Used Car For Work Transport

You want to buy a used car for the sole purpose of getting to work and back daily. You want a commuter that will be reliable and help you keep your newer vehicle longer by driving the latter less often. When you buy a used car, be a bit picky so you end up with a unit you can have for many years. With the right knowledge, you can shop for a used car that will help you get to and from work on a regular basis. Here are the things you should look for in a used car for work transportation.

Gas mileage

If you are only using a car for work transportation, then good gas mileage is a plus, especially if your job is a longer commute. You can buy a late model vehicle that is either a hybrid or hybrid crossover to help you save on gas money. In general, the smaller the vehicle's engine, the less gas you'll use, so opt for a sedan or smaller sports wagon over a truck or SUV.


Age is a factor when it comes to buying a new car, because the older the vehicle, the more miles the unit usually has on it unless a new engine has been put in recently. Pick an age range for a commuter car that you want to stick to and let your auto dealer know.

While you are exploring the age of a vehicle, also look at how many miles are on the car. If there are high miles on a newer car but lower miles on an older vehicle, the older car may be not only cheaper, but your longer-lasting option.


Since you'll be using the car for work purposes, you don't need a beautiful vehicle, but you do need a car that has all working windows and doors, a working air conditioner and heater, and a nice radio to make your commute easier. If a car is a bit of a mechanic's special, you can ask your car dealer to have their mechanic fix small issues in the car you want before buying it so you have a reliable, comfortable car to call your own.

Buying a work car is a great way to make the rest of your household vehicles last longer and make your drive to work and back easier on everyone. Your used car dealership will help you select the right vehicle for your needs.