3 Fun New Cars Features In 2019

If you are looking for a brand new car in 2019, there are a lot of fun car features on the market right now. Some of these features range from extremely functional, to just fun. When looking for a new car in 2019, be sure to find out what new car features each vehicle has to offer.

#1. Smart Driving Mode

You may be used to the usual driving modes, such as sport, eco, and normal. It is time to add a new driving mode to your list: the smart mode. The smart mode has just been rolled out, and it is designed to adjust how the car acts based on how you are driving. The smart mode is like an upgraded normal mode. If you are driving chill, the car will act like it is in normal. If you are driving conservatively, the car will function on eco mode. If you push on the gas and start going fast, the car will turn into sports mode. You no longer have to adjust your driving mode as you drive if you don't want to; your car will do it for you.

#2. High-Quality Seats

The seats in vehicles continue to improve. The design itself of the seats keeps improving to make things even more comfortable. Seats are moving beyond just being heated. Many seats are now also providing ventilation, making the experience of sitting in your car more comfortable year-round. That way, your seat can be cool in the summer and warm in the winter, just like the rest of your car.

#3. Backseat Reminders

In an attempt to increase the safety of everyone in the car, one car manufacturer has installed rear seat reminders. If the rear door was opened before you started driving, when you stop your car and turn it off, you will be given a reminder to check the back seat. In practice, the rear seat reminder is supposed to remind you that your young kids may be in the back seat by alerting you whenever you opened either of your rear doors prior to driving. It is a new feature and one that could save lives.

This year, when you go and look at cars for sale, make sure that you ask about any new inventive features that the vehicle may offer. Each year, manufacturers add new features to their vehicles, designed to help their vehicles stand out and to increase the functionality of your vehicle.