The Advantages Of Buying Your Car From A Pre-Owned Auto Dealership

Brand new cars are expensive, so you may want to buy your next car used to save money. However, you may worry about buying a used car that's just going to give you trouble. If the car is for a teen driver or a daily commute, then you want something dependable that you don't have to worry about. The solution is to buy a certified pre-owned car from a dealer and avoid buying just any used car from a private seller or used car lot. Here are some advantages of buying a pre-owned car.

Certified Pre-Owned Cars Are Late Models

Not just any car can qualify as a certified pre-owned vehicle. One requirement is the age of the car. While you want an older car, you don't want one that is too old and that has an excessive amount of miles on it. Instead, if you stick with a late model car that hasn't been driven hard, then you'll have a better chance of buying a quality car that still has many years of service in it. Plus, a late-model car will be easy to have serviced and find parts for repairs. A car made in the last few years will still have an attractive appearance too, so it's the next best thing to buying a new car.

Pre-Owned Vehicles Pass Inspections

Another requirement for a certified pre-owned car is that it has to pass a thorough inspection. This assures you the car is in good mechanical shape. One of the biggest fears associated with buying a used car is buying a car someone got rid of because it had major problems. Buying your car from a lot that sells cars that have undergone an inspection will eliminate this fear. You'll know the condition of the car and what you might expect in repairs in the next few years. The money you save when you buy a used car is meaningless if the car you buy needs constant repairs or expensive work done. It's safer to buy a car that's inspected and certified, especially when you don't know much about cars and how to evaluate them before you buy.

A Certified Car Comes With A Warranty

Since pre-owned cars are late models, they may still be under their original warranty. However, the lot you buy from may offer their own warranty or add an additional warranty from the car manufacturer. This can give you added peace of mind knowing if the car needs major repairs, you'll have help paying for them. In addition to a warranty, you may get perks like roadside assistance and towing if your car breaks down on the road or won't start at home.

Buying your car from a pre-owned dealer is a good way to buy a quality car at an affordable price. When a car has been inspected and certified, it removes some of the uncertainty over buying a car that's been on the road a few years. The best thing is that you'll save money over buying new and still have a nice car you can depend on.Visit a pre-owned Kia dealership for more help.