SUV, Crossover, Or Car? What To Know Before Making A Decision

Sport utility vehicles (SUVs) and crossovers are the popular kids of today's retail automobile market, with growth now beginning to outpace that of other models. An interesting note about this vehicle buying shift is that as SUVs and crossovers have become more popular, their overall body size has grown smaller and a bit more car-like. This fact can be confusing for those who are planning to purchase a new vehicle and are now wondering whether a new car or a new SUV  or crossover will better suit their needs. If you are in this group, here are some suggestions to help you make the right decision. 

SUVs are different than crossover vehicles 

The first thing to know is that SUVs are different than vehicles that are marketed as crossovers. Crossovers can look like an SUV but they are actually built on a car frame, while an actual SUV is built on a truck frame. This makes crossover vehicles lighter and a bit less rugged than their SUV cousins, while offering the benefit of a bit smoother ride. 

Do you encounter difficult driving conditions on a regular basis? 

If you live in an area where winter weather reliably brings snowy or icy driving conditions or if you live in a rural area where you routinely travel through muddy or rough roads, you likely do need the power and surefooted qualities that an SUV or crossover brings to the table. But it is important to remember that driving either of these vehicles may be more costly than driving a car. 

Insurance costs, maintenance, tires, and even personal property taxes may be much less on a car. Even more important is that cars typically offer better fuel economy, making them cheaper to driver overall. 

Do you tow a boat, jet skis or a camper? 

Those who use their vehicle to also tow a small boat, camper or other wheeled vehicle during vacations and weekends may not be able to do so with the typical car. This is because a car does not have a heavy enough frame or durable enough engine and transmission to hold up under this type of load. An SUV or larger crossover vehicle will be the best choice, under these circumstances. 

To learn more about the best qualities of SUVs, crossovers, and cars and determine which would be best for your life, make an appointment to meet with a new Honda dealer and look at the offerings for the current market year.