3 Questions To Ask Your Harley Davidson Dealer Before Buying Your New Bike

Before buying a new Harley Davidson, there are a few questions that you should ask your dealer to make sure that you're fully prepared for ownership. Here are three important questions that should not be overlooked: What Are The Maintenance Recommendations? The owner's manual that comes with your new Harley Davidson motorcycle will provide you with some general maintenance guidelines to follow as time goes on. But if you want to keep your bike in optimal shape in the coming years, it's a good idea to find out what your dealer recommends when it comes to ongoing maintenance. [Read More]

3 Good Reasons To Consider A Used Crossover

Crossover vehicles are a combination of a large SUV and a smaller car. Crossover vehicles have become increasingly popular over the past decade because of the way that they combine the best features from both SUVs and cars into one vehicle. A used crossover vehicle is a great vehicle for your family. #1 Lots of Seating SUVs are great because they provide you with lots of seating. Crossover vehicles also provide lots of rooms for passengers. [Read More]