Why Your Teen's First Vehicle Should Be Used

Do you have a teenager in your life who is about to get their driver's license? If you are thinking about getting your teen a car, you obviously have a lot of options available to you. That said, some sound advice might be to make sure that your kid's first car is a used vehicle and not brand new. Why is searching for a used Honda for sale (or another type of used vehicle) a good idea? Here's some advice to keep in mind.

You Want to Keep Your Insurance Payment Reasonable

There's no better way to significantly drive up the amount of money you have to pay on insurance every month than to add a flashy new car to the family fleet and put your child down as one of the drivers. If you will be helping your teen with their auto insurance payment during their first few years on the road, sticking with an older, used vehicle can help ensure that the monthly premium on the policy will not skyrocket. Teens are obviously seen as high risk drivers, so you'll want to try and mitigate the damage to your monthly bill if you can.

If Something Goes Wrong, You Don't Want It to Happen to a Brand New Car

Speaking of high risk, the last thing you want to happen is for a brand new car to end up with damage to it. Perhaps your teen took that last bend too fast and bumped into the guardrail or maybe something even worse happened and an actual accident with another car occurred. Yes, your insurance will cover you in most circumstances, but it would still be a shame to see a brand new car demolished because the teen driver made a rookie mistake. 

Get your teen a used car first, and let them demonstrate they know how to respect the rules of the road. Then, you can discuss an upgrade at some point in the future.

A Used Car May Provide Your Teen with Additional Opportunities for Learning

To be clear, most reputable used car dealers will vouch for all of the parts inside the vehicle at the time of purchase and a warranty will likely still be available as well. But if a car is indeed getting up there in years when you buy it, the teen will likely have to pay closer attention to what's going on under the hood. For a new driver, this can be a good thing because the used car will provide more opportunities to learn about maintenance and eventually, car part repair or replacement.

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