The Best New Luxury Car Features

If you are in the market for a new (or even slightly preowned) luxury car, you couldn't pick a better time. New technology means that today's modern luxury cars and SUVs are jam-packed with a dizzying array of incredible features. Even better, many features that may have only been found on the most expensive models or highest trim packages are now available across entire lines. Luxury car buyers want the best of everything, and with the wealth of options available today there is no longer any reason to accept compromises. Read on to find out about some of the best features available today.

Incredible Connectivity

Can't live without your smart phone and smart watch? Modern luxury cars have you covered. Aside from technology such as Bluetooth audio, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto that's now considered standard in the automotive industry, luxury vehicles also boast a variety of other options to keep you connected. Integrations with personal assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant allow you to not only check on the status of your car, but start it from the comfort of your home and even pre-set your climate control settings.

High-end Sound Systems

Although upgrade sound systems have been available on cars for years, luxury manufacturers have stepped up their game in recent years to provide a real aural treat for audiophiles. Premium brand sound systems guarantee that your music will sound as good as it ever has. There are systems available in the Lexus LS, for example, that boast incredible 3D sound technology.

Subtle Touches

In addition to the technological wonderland that can be found in a modern luxury vehicle's cabin, numerous low-tech touches abound as well. Real wood steering wheels, such as the handcrafted wheels found in the Lexus LS, are incredibly comfortable in the hand and add an unmatched touch of elegance to the overall feel of the car's interior.

Ambient lighting (sometimes known as ambiance lighting) is another feature found in many luxury vehicles that often goes unnoticed, but helps to make the cabin a much nicer place to spend time. These subtle lighting touches provide a sense of warmth at night without creating a distraction for the driver. Although they never take center stage, understated ambient lighting is one of the features that really separates high-end luxury cars from their less premium competition.

Even the doors in premium cars are designed to evoke a sense of luxury, as modern luxury vehicles are now coming equipped with motorized door closing systems that will do away with slammed doors forever. For more information, contact a luxury car dealership in your area today.