Tips For Picking The Best Used Work Trucks

Vehicle purchases are potentially one of the largest single expenses that most businesses will have to make. If your business relies on trucks to get work done, then you know that purchasing new trucks off the lot can be a major burden on your finances. There are certainly advantages to buying new trucks with warranties, but used trucks come with many advantages as well – not the least of which being a much lower upfront cost.

Of course, buying work trucks used comes with the same potential pitfalls as any used purchase. If you are considering a used purchase to supplement your business' fleet, these tips will help you to find a truck that will be just as solid and reliable as a new vehicle.

Resale Value is Your Friend

It may seem counterintuitive, but the best used trucks are likely the ones with the highest resale value. These trucks will cost you more upfront, but that high value reflects the quality and reliability of the vehicle that you will be purchasing. Focusing on brands or models with low resale value is a risky proposition since these vehicles are often worth less on the used market for good reason. High resale value also means that you will potentially be able to recoup more of your costs should you decide to upgrade the truck later.

Be Willing to Sacrifice Features

Make a list of the features that are absolute must-haves for your used truck purchase before you begin shopping around. Since this purchase is meant to support your business, be sure you are selecting a truck that has the power and reliability to suit your needs. Beyond that, be willing to sacrifice features and creature comforts if it means scoring a good deal. Since trucks have become very popular on the consumer marker over the last several years, trucks that are loaded with options have also become more valuable. A bare bone, utilitarian vehicle that still meets your business requirements will potentially be a great bargain.

Always Get Service Records

Since you will likely be exposing this vehicle to more wear and tear than it would see from consumer use, service records should be non-negotiable. Make sure the dealer or seller has a complete history of oil changes and other routine maintenance as well as receipts for any major work that may have been done. Also be sure to confirm that any manufacturer recalls have already been performed. Aside from aftermarket warranties, service records are as close as you can come to a guarantee that your used truck will give you many years of reliable service.

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